11 June 2008

The Motley Crew...

Ok, so my wife wants this blog to be more "personal" for some reason, so here ya go: This is me, Tristan, your friendly, usually sarcastic and sometimes informative tour guide. I am a desert-swamp transplant, born and raised in the high desert of Ridgecrest, CA. No, I don't surf, and don't know any movie stars, so don't ask. And in case you haven't noticed, I'm not like most Californians. I came from a small, conservative, redneck town, and that's how I like it. Now I am serving my time out in the swamps of southeast Georgia. On my back is Charles, aka "the Kid". He's almost a year now, born in the swamp that is currently my home.
This is Coty, aka "the wife". She is from South Carolina, and we met in Charleston when I was sationed there. As you can see, ours is a rather goofy relationship, but as our friends say, "we're just disfunctional enough to work."
This is Leo, aka "Dad". He was born and raised in Michigan (where I get some of my Midwest traits, like eating raw potatoes and sunny side up eggs) and was a civilian engineer for the Navy in California. Now he's retired and living in Arizona.
This is Jack and Vanesia, aka "her Mom and Stepdad." They live in South Carolina, just south of Charlotte, NC.
This is Phil and Margaret, aka "her Dad and Stepmom". They live west of Columbia, South Carolina.
Finally, this is where I work. Yep, that's it, US Navy submariner. So when I don't post for a few months, it's probably because I'm underwater. So uh, that's about all I got right now. Now back to our regularly scheduled programing.

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