30 September 2007


Ok, last stop of the southwest GA trip. This is Homerville, county seat of Clinch County. Here is the couthouse, below are markers for the county and the first court in the county.

War memorial

And this marker is past the town, just over the Ware county line.

29 September 2007

The town formerly known as Milltown

Ok, so this is a new one. The town of Lakeland (known as Milltown until 1925) has lifesize murals painted on most of its mainstreet buildings, showing how life looked in the town in earlier times. Little strange, but impressive, especially with how detailed some are. Anyway, enjoy these, and we're almost home!

Don't see these around much anymore.
Marker for Lanier county below
Lanier County courthouse
And war memorial
Here is their memorial to E.D. Rivers (remember him from last post?) He was born in Arkansas and went to college in GA at Young Harris College, then became a lawyer in Cairo, GA (see post titled "Walk like an Egyptian".) He helped create Lanier county, then moved here in 1920 where he also helped change the town's name to Lakeland. (Why they changed it, I can't say, people just liked it better that way.) He became Mayor of Lakeland, then elected to the House of Representitives, then Governor of GA 1937-1941.
And finally, here's another thing you don't see everyday anymore. The store is long gone, but the sign is still there.

27 September 2007

Banks Lake NWR

Ok, next stop was at Banks Lake NWR, a natural mill pond created by tidal action. It's size was increased with the creation of a small dam by Joshua Lee in the 1800s, but it was later threatened by drainage by the E.D. Rivers estate in the 1970s to harvest the trees in the lake. The Nature Conservancy bought it in 1980, and it was turned into a NWR in 1985. It is managed by the operators of the Okeefenokee swamp, a short distance to the east.
Below are growths seen in the lake.

How to build a boardwalk around trees

Marker for the home of E.D. Rivers
Marker for Joshua Lee

24 September 2007

Quitman (What a great name)

Ok, little quick one here. This was the next stop heading east, the town of Quitman, seat of Brooks County. Here's the courthouse.
Confederate memorial
County Marker
View of the town
War memorial

23 September 2007


Ok, so continuing east, my next stop was Thomasville, county seat of Thomas County (imagine that.) Above is the county courthouse. Below is the marker for and a picture of the town's "old cemetary".

A monument to a local named Capt John Triplett.
Below: Marker for Thomas county
American Legion War memorial
Confederate memorial
First Black graduate of West Point marker above, grave below.

Monument at the American Legion Post to veterans
Marker for the Old Coffee road
And finally, ending with another old ad painted on a building. I don't know why I like these so much, they're just so charming.

Walk like an Egyptian?

Buddventures is back! Sorry for the delay, I had a "business trip" of sorts. Ok, so back to the sights. After leaving Bainbridge, GA (last post), I continued travelling east towards home and came to Cairo, GA, county seat of Grady County, and also the birthplace of Jackie Robinson for you sport fans out there. Just a few pictures from around the courthouse here, pictured above. Marker describing the county below.

Grady county war memorial below.
Marker for Veterans Square, around the courthouse, above, and the county Confederate memorial below.

Memorial to Seaborn Anderson Roddenbury, a local (I assume) member of Congress. Below another marker describing the county.