28 November 2008

Mother country

The British flag flies over the town it once created at Fort Frederica, Georgia.

21 November 2008

An International place

Here the US, Mexican, and Arizona flags fly over the Sonoran Desert Museum near Tuscon, representing the desert that the countries share.

16 November 2008

Flying Submarines!

Ok, so it turns out that the idea of puting aircraft on submarines is not only historically documented, but this article shows that it is being considered even in modern times. I saw the Japanese Seran once, when it was being restored at the National Air and Space Museum. It is currently at the Udvar-Hazey center, but I haven't been there yet. Interesting stuff, anyway. Long article with lots of information.

14 November 2008

A place of refuge

These flags, on display at the Okefenokee Swamp visitor center, were two of many flags, one for each National Wildlife Refuge. They flew during the NWR system's 100th anniversary on March 13, 2003 at Sebastian Inlet, Florida near the first Wildlife Refuge, Pelican Island.

09 November 2008

Torpedo? FAIL

Ok, so this isn't a sub, just another video I ran across that put some humor in my day. Enjoy!

07 November 2008

View from the top

Looking down from the St Simon's Lighthouse at the American flag and the Coast Guard Auxiliary flag.

02 November 2008

Pushin' Boots

Ok, so here is a video I found talking about the new Navy boot camp. Thought some of you guys out there might be interested. I only went through a few years ago and I already don't recognize it! I still can't decide whether I like it better or not.
navy bootcamp