18 June 2008

We'll leave the light on for you

Ok, this is the St Simon's Lighthouse, located on the island's southern end, in the St Simon's village. This was originally the site of Fort St Simon's, built by Oglethorpe's men to defend this end of the island. When the Spanish Fleet sailed by the fort, receiving very little damage, the fort was abandoned and the men returned to Fort Frederica. This was also the other end of the Military Road seen in the last post. In 1804, this land was purchased by the government to build a lighthouse. During the Civil War, the Confederate Fort Brown was built on the property, and when it was abandoned in 1862, its soldiers blew up the lighthouse. The current light was built in 1872.

So, since I got to play with the new camera for this, I tried out some of my favorite photo techniques and ideas. So this blog is interactive! Your job is to tell me which photo you like best!

Sydney Lanier Bridge again

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Coty said...

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