14 June 2008

Listen to the music of the traffic in the city...

Ok, this takes us into the eastern part of downtown, where I found this odd building.

This is Washington Square, and if you can't figure out who it's named after, you're reading the wrong blog.

This is the Seaman's House and Chapel.
This bell is dedicated to the memory of the Rev'd A. Dale Umbreit, Port Chaplain 1975-1988. Given by the Propeller Club, Port of Savannah, and the Savannah Port Authority
This is Warren Square, laid out in 1791 and named for General Joseph Warren who was killed in the Battle of Bunker Hill in the Revolution.
Some of the recently restored houses
I have no idea what is with this, but it's interesting.
This is Reynolds Square, one of the originals, laid out in 1733 and named for John Reynolds, Georgia's first Royal Governor.

Statue of Minister John Wesley. His parsonage was here when he ministered to the colony in 1736.

The Pink House. Built by the Habersham family in 1789, and one the few buildings to survive the fire of 1796. It is now a restaraunt and it is said that the pink color comes from red from the bricks bleeding through the stucco.

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