14 June 2008

100 posts!!!! Wooooooooooooooh!!!!

Woooooo !!! Nothing says celebration like a cemetery! But no, seriously... Ok, this is Colonial Park Cemetery, the public burying ground from 1750 to 1953. It also became locally infamous as Union troops in the Civil War camped here and amused themselves by altering tombstones. And I just realized that I really took a lot of photos here. It's amazing how much you can find in an old cemetery, and fortunately for me, this one has lots of markers to guide me, since my time was limited. So with that, I'm going to let the markers do most of the talking. Most of these have a marker and a grave, so unless stated, that is the format of the post.

McIntosh plot

The "tombstone wall"

Above and below are the monument to Button Gwinnett, one of Georgia's signers of the Declaration of Independence. As an unusual historic footnote, not only is his the second sigature (after John Hancock), but his is the most valuable signature of all 56 signers, and some claim the most valuable of any American, due to his relative obscurity in life leaving very few examples of hi signature. This fact was played on in the Isaac Asimov story "Button, Button".

Habersham vault

Moravian memorial

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