13 June 2008

Street walking

Ok, next batch! Here we start at Chippewa Square, laid out in 1815 and named for the battle of Chipewa in the war of 1812.

Oglethorpe statue, created by Daniel Chester French and Henry Bacon, the same men who designed the Lincoln Memorial in Wash DC.

Cemetary plot created for Jewish settlers by James Oglethorpe

Wayne-Low house
Memorial to Scottish settlers
This is Wright Square, laid out in 1733 and originally named Percival Square for Viscount Percival, the Earl of Egmont. It was renamed to honor James Wright, Georgia's Royal Governor. The monument pictured is the William Washington Gordon monument, designed by Van Brunt and Howe, and dedicated by the company he founded, the Central of Georgia Railroad, in 1884.
This is the old courthouse, designed by William Gibbons Preston and currently used as county offices.

TomoChiChi's grave, this rock was a replacement, as the original, dedicated in 1739, was destroyed in 1899 to make way for the Gordon monument.

This is Oglethorpe Square, laid out in 1742 and named in honor of James Oglethorpe, founder of Savannah. This square was known as Upper New Square for many years because of the many large mansions around it.

The Owens-Thomas house, one of the original "Upper New Square" houses, designed by William Jay and finished in 1819.

Fireman memorial, above and two pictures below.

Conrad Aiken home

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