09 December 2007

St Pete History Museum

Ok, so this is the St. Petersburg History Museum, located right by the pier. I thought it was rather small, but had some things worth seeing. The central display of the museum focuses on the aircraft above, which is a replica of the Benoist XIV. The Benoist XIV was used in what is commonly recognized as the world's first commercial air service, flown by Tony Janus on Jan 1, 1914, carrying Abram C. Pheil. The plane flew passengers across Tampa bay from Tampa to St. Petersburg, in much less time than it took for a boat to cross or to go around the bay. This service continued for three months before it was no longer cosidered to be profitable. Below are some objects from the flight including a Benoist penant, a wing spar, and goggles that Janus broke on the first flight.

This is an Egyptian sarcofagus and below is an actual mummy. Story goes that a ship captain transporting goods to a museum stopped in St Pete, but could not pay the harbor fee, so offered these to the city instead.

This is what the museum calls its "unusual collection" including a large dinosaur bone, two headed cow, large replica Swiss army knife, and other oddities. The museums other displays all fit quite nicley into a set system depicting the history of the city. These... well.... don't.

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