22 April 2007

Georgia Veterans State Park

Ok, so this was my first major stop of day two. Georgia Vets St park is a unique place, that it combines the beauty and recreation of a state park, with an excellent military museum. It was founded in 1946 as a gift to the state of GA and her veterans. The title picture shows one of the main attractions, the park's B29 Superfortress, with an F84 Thunderstreak behind it. This particular B29, nicknamed Dark Side, flew weather reconnaissance out of Guam. On June 29, 1945, its crew was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross for flying through a typhoon with only two engines. The Thunderstreak was a test aircraft for electronics until it was transferred to a reserve unit in GA. I think I figured out how to put captions with the photos, so there ya go. There are several more indoor and outdoor displays that are not on here, just for space, really. I just kind of picked what I thought was the most unique or interesting. Other outdoor displays not on here are: Russian 85mm gun, US 57mm anti-tank gun, US 155mm howitzer, US LVT3, US M47 Patton tank, US M4 Sherman tank, UH1 Irroquois helicopter, FJ4 Fury fighter, and a T33 Shooting Star fighter. If anyone would like to see the photos of these, I guess just let me know.
This photo was supposed to be on the last post (oops) but is not the end of the world since it was on the way to the GA Vets park.
Two Civil War era rifles and a pistol.
Artifacts from World War I.
World War II
Vietnam, note the Vietnamese flag, though I can't find why it has two color backgrounds.
WW2 Russian 120mm Mortar
US WW2 37mm anti-tank gun
US WW2 155mm heavy artillery

US Korea/Vietnam era LVTP5 (Landing vehicle tracked personnel.) US WW2 M3A1 Stuart light tank, painted to look like those used in the invasion of North Africa. The flag was painted on to prevent French forces from firing at the tank.

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