15 April 2007

There was evening, and there was morning...

Ok, so where were we? Sheesh, feels like I never have time to work on this anymore. Anyway, so after leaving Fitzgerald and the Jefferson Davis site, I headed in a northerly direction, since it was getting late and the nearby campgrounds were full, I thought I would drive in the general direction I needed to go and find a hotel. So, when I got to the freeway, I was in the town of Ashburn, the seat of Turner county. The title picture is the county courthouse. Next picture is the historical marker for the county. Unfortunetly I can not find any evidence for the Seminole battle it describes. I find no mention of a seminole battle this far north, especially in that timeframe. It doesn't make any sense. Next picture is a monument from the Boy's club of Ypsilanti, Michigan to the local people. On April 11, 1978, a bus carrying members of the club was going south on I75 on a trip to Disney world and was getting off for a rest stop when the bus overturned, killing three and injuring 25. The monument is in thanks to the local people for their help following the accident. Next photo is the county memorial to war vets, and the next one is the old town jail, now a museum (which was closed by the time I got there.) Next two photos show a Titan 1 missile and its sign, just off I75 in Cordelle, GA. The missile was moved here from California in 1969 as part of the Confederate Air Force preservation group and has become known as Confederate Air Force Pad No 1. I spent the night in Cordelle, in a hotel that was, oddly enough, right next to the missle. The next morning I went downtown where the Crisp county courthouse is, and the next picture shows it with the county war vets memorial in the bottom corner. Next is the historical marker for Crisp county, and a picture of downtown Cordelle. Last photo is the county Confederate vet memorial, down the street from the courthouse.

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