26 November 2007

Desoto NHS

Ok, so this is Desoto National Historic Site, south of Tampa. In 1539, the Spanish Explorer Desoto came ashore in what is now Tampa Bay in search of riches. For the next four years and four thousand miles, he and his army would battle nature and Native Americans as they traveled across the Southeast. This site commemorates his landing and provides living history in a replica Indian village and Spanish camp during working hours. When I got there, the park was shut down, but a walking path allows access outside normal hours. Above is the large cross to commemorate the landing. Below is a marker for the Begining of the Desoto Trail, following his journey across the South.

One of the recreated Indian huts where living history takes place in the open hours.
A view of the beautiful shorline here.
This tabby ruin is not actually connected with Desoto, but is believed to be from a dwelling built by the Shaw familly in 1843. The familly left in 1856 due to a Seminole uprising.
Some of the unique vegetation of the park.
This is the Holy Eucharist monument, it and the giant cross were created by the Catholic Diocese of Venice Florida as a monument to priests throughout Florida, and especially those who accompanied Desoto. Below are a couple more photos of the cross. The lighting was simply spectacular, so I couldn't resist getting creative.

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