11 October 2008

Double Feature

Ok, so today's Dog Eared Saturday is a double, two books that go together, by the same author, so I am doing them together. One is Another Such Victory, and the other is The Monuments at Guilford Courthouse National Military Park, both by Thomas Baker. Baker worked as a guide at Guilford, when in 1980, he agreed to write a book about the battle in time for its 1981 bicentennial. With a strict deadline to meet, he created Another Such Victory, which turned out to be an amazing success. But it wasn't good enough for him. Until his death in 1999 he continued to research obscure sources of information to put together the most complete account of the battle. Fortunetly, all this information now belongs to the Park Service which uses it to help translate the battlefield to visitors. But the book that Baker truly wanted to write never took form, and thus, Another Such Victory is, twenty years later, still the authorative source on the battle. Baker's other book, The Monuments at Guilford Courthouse, is exactly that. It is an easy to follow guide with pictures to all of the monuments at the battlefield, including inscriptions, changes to monuments, and the stories behind them. This book is a must for anyone who visits the park so they can know what they are looking at. Another Such Victory is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the battle or the Revolution. Both are excellent and highly recommended. They are also small, and ASV is $7 while Monuments is $1.50 so they are cheap too. ASV can be bought on Amazon here and Monuments can be bought here.
Another Such Victory
Thomas E. Baker
1981 Eastern National, Fort Washington
91 pages

The Monuments at Guilford Courthouse National Military Park
Thomas E. Baker
Eastern National
80 pages

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