04 October 2008

That Bloody Marsh

Ok, this week's book is Muskets, Knives, and Bloody Marshes by Judson J. Conner. This is a locally published book that deals with the Colonial history of the Georgia/Florida coast. While it does not cover everything, it goves an overall good picture of why events happened in Colonial Georgia the way they did. It's main focus is on Georgia, and particularly the battle of Bloody Marsh. It includes explanations of military uniforms, weapons, tactics, etc of the day in order to help the reader understand better these critical events. At 76 pages, it is a quick, easy read, but contains probably the most details surrounding Bloody Marsh of any book out there, and is also a good starting place for anyone just wanting to know a basic history of the area. Highly reccomended for any history seekers in the area, or anyone else interested in the Georgia coast or the Colonial period. Available on Amazon here.
Muskets, Knives, and Bloody Marshes
Judson J. Conner
2001 Saltmarsh Press
76 pages

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