27 October 2007

Savannah Museum and Spring Hill

Ok, so here is the history museum in Savanah, Georgia. Small, but with some interesting stuff worth seeing. It is housed in the old Railroad Depot (seen above) that was used from the 1850s to 1971.
Imagine, a train in a train depot.
A collection of Civil War weapons.
Confederate torpedo (what we would call a mine these days, but also what Admiral Farragut refered to in Mobile Bay when he said "damn the torpedos, full speed ahead!")
Bench used in the movie Forrest Gump, parts of which were filmed in Savannah.
A set of old carriages

An old street sign, found in someone's yard
A US WW1 uniform and machine gun.
In 1778, Savannah was captured by the British, and in 1779, a month long seige was undertaken by the combined American-French forces. This culminated in an all out assault on Oct 9, 1779, when they charged the British earthworks, but to no avail. When it was all over, the British held the city, and more than 800 soldiers from both sides had been killed. With Savannah firmly in British hands, they felt free to launch a campaign into the Carolinas (see last post). Above are artifacts from the battle at Savannah, below is a diorama shoowing what the assault would have looked like.

Shells recovered from the CSS Georgia, sunk in the Savannah river by the Confederates to prevent its capture.
A set of old dueling pistols
These pictures show the recreation of the Spring Hill Redoubt, outside the museum. The Springhill Redoubt was where the worst of the fighting occured during the assault in 1779. While they say this reconstruction is on the original battlefield, they also say the original site of the redoubt itself is "nearby" and private to protect it from vandalism until it can be fully excavated.

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