02 October 2007

Wandering about JAX

Ok, so these are photos I took while wandering around downtown Jax during the Tallships Festival. Left is the Modis building, with Suntrust behind it and the Bank of America building reflected in it. Below is a statue of Andrew Jackson. Jacksonville is named for him because after the First Seminole War and Florida becoming part of the US, Jackson became the first military governor of Florida.

The Main Street Bridge
Monument to the great Jax fire of 1901, created in 2001.
Marker for the sinking of the Maple Leaf
The CSX building

This thing rolled by as I was wandering along. A tugboat pulling some kind of barge up the river from Pulatka, Florida. Cool! Note the railroad drawbridge in the up position on the left of the photo.
Downtown viewed from the Main Street Bridge. Buildings from left to right are CSX, Wachovia, Bellsouth, Suntrust, Bank of America, and Modis. The Jacksonville Landing is in the front.
This semi-rustic looking building stood out downtown, though I don't remember what it was.
And here is one of those (badly faded) building side ads.
Plaque for Florida Medical Assn
Blockhouse built during the Second Seminole War.

I really have no idea what this strange building is, except it is called the Old Morocco building.
This majestic building is the Freemason hall of Jax. Below are three panoramic views of Jax, taken respectively at the north-east, north west, and southwest corners of downtown.

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