22 May 2008

Indiana Jones and the Lightner Museum

Ok, so this is the former Alcazar Hotel, now known as the Lightner Museum. The Alcazar was opened in 1888 as a companion to the Ponce De Leon hotel. More on that later. The hotel closed in 1932, but was purchased by Otto C. Lightner in 1947 as a museum for his large collection. Going through the large museum feels sort of like an Indiana Jones adventure, the collection is so largeand varied and unusual. So this post is very picture heavy, and I apologize, but I thought it was worth it to show this unique place.

Otto Lightner's grave in the museum courtyard

A sort of old hypnosis machine
an Egyptian mummy
A shrunken head
dinosaur egg
A sculpture made of blown glass

collection of Louis Tiffany stained glass

Urn from the court of the Russian Czars

A portion of the old hotels spa

Part of the hotel's old ballroom
Looking down into the center of the old hotel/museum

The old hotel's grand staircase

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