17 May 2008

They might be pirates

Ok, so this is the history museum near the Slave Market from last post. Mostly filled with artifacts recovered from shipwrecks or around the area. Above, a treasure chest with lots of old items.
Some tools of navigation, found in a shipwreck.
Some old coinage found in a shipwreck
An old Spanish book, called Essayo Chronologico Para La Historia General De La Florida. I'm guessing this translates roughly to "A chronological history of Florida."
More artifacts from shipwrecks, including an old flintlock pistol.
This is a model of old St Augustine in the museum. I have included a Google Earth image below for comparison, on which I have also made annotations in color to help see. As always, click on the photo to see a larger version. The green line represents what I think was the moat, seen in the model. It is a road now, but the line it follows matches. Circled in blue is the Oldest House, on the southern end of the old town. The yellow circle is the Slave Market and surrounding buildings, including the museum. The red circle is the city gate (next post), with the Castillo de San Marcos clearly visible just above it. Fort Mose, The Fountain of Youth, and the Mission Nobre de Dios are all just outside the image to the left. Visible just below the green line is Flagler college and the Lightner museum.

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