17 September 2008

Greenville begins, part 2

Ok, so here is the promised history oriented post of Reedy River Falls Park. If you want to see the pretty pictures, see the last post. This one is mostly the monuments around the park and the accompanying story. We begin with the above, the remains of where the "Swamp Rabbit Railroad" crossed the river.

Remember, click on the photos to enlarge them and read the sign. The Greenville area was Cherokee country until 1777, when the land was ceded to the state. Most of the area had been hunting ground, while the villages were located in the Oconee area.

Remains of the Vardry Mill. An earlier mill was built nearby and purchased in 1815 by McBee. He became known as the "Father of Greenville" because farmers from miles around came to have wheat and corn ground, bringing prosperity to the area. The mill above was made by his descendants to make textiles.

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