17 September 2008

I'm a submariner now!

Ok, so now my blog has reached another great (well, to me) milestone. For the first time that I have seen, I have been linked to and included under "submariner blogs". *sniff* Seriously though, I have been proud to do what I do and it has been a pleasure to serve with my fellow dolphin-wearers. Now I count it as another great honor to be among my virtual shipmates in the world of blogging. Gentleman, I may not say much about submarines very often, but I invite you to my blog anyway, and I will be happy to exchange links with any of you. And for Bothenook, site pictured above, thank you for the add. I don't know how you found me, but I am pleased to meet you. Your site has now been added to my friends section. Cheers!

This little clip from Bothenook's site... just scroll down a little...

Hey! There I am!

1 comment:

bothenook said...

it's ok, pup. y'all don't need to post about submarines, but an occasional sea-story or NTINS would be mightily appreciated. i've found that for the most part, submariners, even when they aren't blogging about submarines, are darned interesting folks.