06 January 2008

Crooked River by sea

Ok, so along with hiking the trails of Crooked River State Park, we also rented a canoe in the town of St Marys, and took it out on the river. Above shows the low marshy area dominated by sea grass as we approach the mouth of the river. The trees in the distance are Cumberland Island National Seashore. Below shows the riverbankjust downstream of where we pushed into the river. This riverbank is the location of the park, although, as you can see, erosion is taking a heavy toll on it.

Here we took a side trip into one of the sea grass "forrests" near the mouth of the river. Below is the US Navy Submarine base at Kings Bay. Don't get excited, this is about as close as you can get.

On our way back, the tide was going out, expsoing many shellfish communities (seen above). While this was fun and sort of like an amusement ride weaving between shellfish islands that spit water as you go by, it also made traveling through shallow waters a very bad idea, and travel through deeper waters very difficult because of the outward current.
Now we see the approach as we return to the river, and below you can see better the effect of the erosion on the riverbank.

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