05 January 2008

San Felasco Hammock

Ok, so this was a sorta unplanned side trip. i had intended to go to Devil's Millhopper state park, but they were closed. (Have I mentioned one of my pet peeves is places being closed on random days?) So nearby was this San felasco Hammock, which is a state preserve, and I decided to take a walk through it to blow some steam before driving home. Turned out, it was not a bad decision. Not that there is anything super spectacular about the place, but it is a very nice place to take a walk, and with the exotic looking plant life and the late day lighting, I did some experimental photography. Here are some of my favorites so you can see what you think.


I would really like to know what this stuff is. I have no idea!

A forest of Bamboo (I'm pretty sure)

Coral Snake

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