05 January 2008

Fort King and Ocala

Ok, remember the Dade Massacre? If not, go read that post real quick and this will be a lot more relevant. This is the site of Fort King, in modern day Ocala. This is where Major Dade and his command were marching to when they were attacked. As it turned out, some wondered why the feared Seminole warrior Osceola was not involved in the attack. The reason? He was conducting an attack of his own here at Fort King. On Dec 28, 1835, the same day as Dade's Massacre, Osceola and his group of warriors attacked and killed General Wiley Thompson and some others when they came outside the fort. Osceola had his reasons. As it turns out, this same general had put him in chains earlier for defying US government requests to relocate. What is seen in these photos is the fort cemetary, although it does not say who is buried here specifically and I don't know.

Marker for the Fort King site, a short distance from the cemetary. The site is on private property.
So Ocala, being in Florida thoroughbred country, has its public places festooned with life size horse statues painted in bright colors and pictures. Here are a few I saw while trying to find info on Fort King site.

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