12 January 2008

Military Museum

Ok, so this is the military museum, located in the Tovar House, part of the Oldest House Museum complex. Jose Tovar was an infantryman who lived in this house in 1763. During British rule, the house was owned by a Scottish merchant named John Johnson. When the Spanish took Florida back in 1784, the house was owned by a Canary Islander named Jose Caruna, and an assistant surgeon named Tomas Caraballo. Geronimo Alvarez, who lived next door in the Gonzalez-Alvarez House (last post) purchased the Tovar house in 1791. The entire property remained in his family until 1871. Above is an example of a Spanish explorer/soldier. The museum does not mention what artifacts are real and which are replicas, but given its condition, I would guess this is a replica.
An early Air Force missle, probably a Falcon, representing the ongoing Air Force presence in Florida, most notably at Cape Canaveral and the Air Force Ordinance Test Center at Eglin AFB near Pensacola.
An old Civil War era gattling gun.
Speaking of the Civil War...
This is the Tovar house. The fence/wall on the right side of the photo runs over to the entrance building tothe museum complex, where another wall connects it to the Gonzolez-Alvarez house.

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