09 January 2008

Fountain of Youth

Ok, so this is the Fountain of Youth park, in St Augustine. This is belived to be the site where on April 3, 1513, Ponce De Leon became the first Europeon to set foot on the continental US. Legend says that he sailed north from Puerto Rico in search of a fountain of youth, though historians dispute whether this is actually true. In any case, he landed near here, and the above photo shows a natural spring, perhaps the "fountain of youth" he sought. The park, of course, claims this is the fountain and that it has healing powers, blah blah blah. It tastes like reuglar swamp water and research challenges any historic claims this spring has. Below is a cross suposedly made by De Leon to claim the new land for Spain.

Marker showing where an ancient Indian village stood. Below, large Spanish Urns, that were placed under the eves of houses to collect rainwater.

A resident of the area that is probably not native.

This statue is chief Oriba, who was chief of the Timucuans when De Leon landed. Below is a model of the fort built here in 1565.

Statue of De Leon, below, a monument to his landing.

This marker is for the fort built here in 1565, below is the site where it was built.

This anchor was salvaged off the coast, and is believed to have been from Ribault's French fleet (see the Fort Caroline and Fort Matanzas posts from early 2007). The canon below have nothing to do with this site, but were created as replicas for the USS Constitution during the 1930's. Why they are here, I have no idea.

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