27 December 2008

Chasing the Redcoats

Ok, so this is a book I picked up at Ninety-Six as a substitute for another tour book I no longer had. This book certainly covers more battlefields than other tour books, though aside from the graves of Francis Marion and William Washington, it does not cover other war related sites. Each site location is accompanied by a short description of the battle that took place, though the descriptions are not nearly comprehensive. Perhaps the best idea would be to familiarize yourself with the battles before, then use this guide to travel. Its best property is probably its small size, just a small paperback compared to some of the larger tour books. It is also a cheap buy at just $12. All things considered, I highly reccomend it for any history chaser living or traveling in the Palmetto State. The book can be bought on Amazon here.
South Carolina's Revolutionary War Battlefields: A tour guide
R.L. Barbour
2002 Pelican Publishing
119 pages

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