29 December 2008

On the ground

Ok, so since I showed you Woodbine from the air, I thought I would show what's here on ground level. This is the Camden County Courthouse square, which was shown on the previous post from the air. So to let you know what you are seeing, above is the old courthouse, which is in the top left of the aerial photo, on the eastern side of the courthouse square. The building below is the new courthouse, on the northern side of the square, therefore the top left of the picture. The bottom, or southern side of the square is the Sheriff's office, and nestled sorta in between the new couthouse and the Sheriff's Office, on the left side is the Bryan-Lang Historical Library.
The town of Woodbine grew out of Woodbine Plantation, founded on the Satilla River by John Bailey, then passed to his son Henry, and then to his children. The plantation, which grew rice, was then purchased by James King Bedell, now considered the town's founder. He was the one to grant land to the railroad, with the stipulation that the town that would grow here carry on the name Woodbine. The town was incorporated in 1908 and laid out in a "railroad strip community" style. In 1923 it became the county seat, and the old couthouse and square, designed by Julian de Bruyn Kops, were built in 1928. The library and Sheriff's office were added in the late 80's and the new courthouse was opened in 2004.
County monument to the armed forces.
Monument for police of Camden County who have fallen in the line of duty.
Supposedly, there should be a marker here somewhere for the county itself, but I have looked several times to no avail.

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