30 December 2008

Askew Family

Ok, so today's Buddventure comes courtesy of Find a Grave. For anyone who has not checked out this website, you really should because it is amazing what you can do on it. Anyway, one of the things you can do is become a Photo Volunteer, so if someone is tracing their roots and finds out about family graves that they cannot visit themselves, they contact someone local to visit it and take a photo. Pretty neat, huh? So my first trip as a Photo Volunteer has brought me back to Folkston, to the Pineview Cemetery, pictured above. Since I expected this to be a quick easy trip, I brought the kid along with me to give mom a few hours off. Yeah, cemetery, not as small as I expected. Not even close. So I hope the photo requester does not mind, but I thought since the photos are taken I may as well share them on here so others who are interested can find them.
So here is the first Askew family I came across, right in the front of the cemetery. These graves are:
James Willis Askew
Apr 16, 1906
Sep 25 1989
Doris Alwyn Askew
Apr 22, 1908
June 6, 1998

Another Askew next to them, maybe their daughter since she died young:
Lucia Merle Askew
July 13, 1923
Sept 22, 1924

Here is the next Askew plot I came across, this one almost all the way in the back.
Albert L. Askew
Oct 23, 1893
July 24, 1986
His wife:
Mary I. Askew
Aug 9, 1898
Aug 10, 1982

Geraldine Askew Gibson
Dec 6, 1916
Feb 27, 2000

Claude Barnes Gibson
Jan 5, 1914
Sept 21, 2002

In memory of Albert Leon Askew Jr.
April 27, 1915-Mar 3, 1920
Son of Albert Leon and Mary Ida Askew

Geraldin Burney Dillard
Feb 9, 1943
Feb 4, 2008

James Larry Dillard
May 26, 1949

Dan George Burney
Oct 7, 1908
Apr 22, 1992
Mary Inez A. Burney
Feb 5, 1919
Sept 5, 1983
And finally, the last Askew plot (that I found) where the person I was looking for was found. This plot is almost exactly in the middle of the cemetery.
Here is my query:
Kittye Haralson Askew
Sep 28, 1893
Apr 20, 1960
Fred Davis Askew Sr.
May 7, 1891
Feb 25, 1971
Remember the Cowpens post? Well this man served on the Carrier USS Cowpens in WW2. Interesting, huh?
Fred Davis Askew Jr.
EM3 US Navy
World War II
Dec 13, 1927
Nov 27, 2000

Thomas Wallace Askew
Sept 26, 1915
Apr 5, 1951

Charlie loves Buddventures!

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