23 December 2008

Leavin, on a.... prop plane

Ok, so this is my first "mobile blogging"! Try to follow along here. The wife has been up in South Carolina for a while now, but when I came in, she came down to "visit" for a day. Then when we went on standown she asked her dad (did I mention he's a pilot?) to come down and fly me up there. No, not his house, to her mom's house near Charlotte. We're going to her dad's house near Columbia in a couple days. Then we will drive home to Georgia. Confused yet? I'm not sure yet that I'm not. Anyway, here is her dad's plane at the St Marys airport.
Starting lineup at the airport
Friendly reminder from your local submarine base. I love how the small sign says pilots are "requested" to not fly over the base.
Here's the base, looking out toward the piers.
Here's the rest of the base with all the admin buildings.
Crooked River, the jut of land above is where the state park is.
Woodbine, GA. Here is the Camden county courthouse complex
looks like some clearing operation going on
The Altamaha River above and below. The mouth of this river is where Oglethorpe created the town of Darien as a barrier for Savannah.

Nice farm yo.
Here's where we stoppped for gas
Gassin' up the plane
Nuke power plant at the Savannah river site. Oh by the way, that's the Savannah river too.
Another site at the Sav River site. Looks like a former plant site that has been decommed and is being disposed of.
Some kind of mining operation. I'm used to seeing these out west digging for gold or copper. Not sure what they're looking for here.
Lake Murray, west of Columbia SC.
Dreher Island State Park on Lake Murray
Monticello Reservoir, just north of Lake Murray. You can see the dam and power plant here that form the lake.
Charlotte, North Carolina
Catawba Power plant at Lake Wylie
Here we are, Rock Hill Municipal airport
Jacket at the Rock Hill airport of Robert Bryant
JULY 13, 1938 1051 MILES

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