31 December 2008

Folkston Revisited

Ok, so since we were in Folkston for the Find a Grave adventure anyway, I decided to take our train-crazy-toddler to the funnel. Unfortunetly, they were having a slow day, so we did not actually see any trains, but they have a new (small) museum that we stopped in. Above, we see Charlie demostrating what an alligator says.
"Choo choo! Choo choo! Choo choo!"
"Yes Charlie, lots of choo choos."
I guess this is how the office at thetrain station was supposed to look like back in the day.
Some various train related artifacts, here we see some lamps and oil cans
locks and keys
train books
Telegraphs and wire covers
The Hildegarde was one of the last recorded steamers to serve this area on the St Marys River. She began her service here in the 1890's and was sold in 1916 to a sugar refinery company in Savannah.
Using the public docks, she would come twice a week from the Fernandina area and stop at Kings Ferry which is about ten miles from Folkston on the St Marys. The boat would spend the night taking on mail, passengers and supplies to return the next day.
She broke her keel on a sandbar in South Carolina ending a small piece of history for this area.

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