01 January 2009

Sodor Wars Episode One: The Phantom Thomas

A long time ago on an island far, far away.....
The Island of Sodor was a happy place. All the engines and other residents lived in peace and prosperity. Who's that coming around the bend now? It's Thomas! Hello Thomas! Thomas toots sadly that he has not seen any other engines for quite some time. Even his loyal friend Percy seemed to have disappeared.
Then as he came around the corner of Crescent Canyon, he found a new engine. "Oh, hello!" cried Thomas.
"Oh.... um.. hi...." replied the new engine.
"I suppose you are new to the Island?" puffed Thomas.
"Yes..... I suppose you could say that I am." replied the new train.
"Say," said Thomas. "You look a lot like me, what is your name anyhow?"
"um...er...uh.... I'm going to KILL YOU!!!!"
Thomas quickly tried to puff away, but the mysterious engine was far too fast for him, and plowed over his passenger cars. Thomas could hear the screams of the passengers dying in agony behind him as him engine sped up from the lightened load.
"Bustin' boilers!" cried Thomas. "That b*tch is trying to kill me!"
"Who are you?" cried Thomas. "Are you some kind of monster! And how were you not on the track?"
Then the mysterious engine raced after Thomas, seemingly bent on his destruction. He chased him round the bend and up the mountain going faster and faster until Thomas nearly thought he would simply die of exhaustion!
Then as they rounded the corner onto New Sodor Bridge, the new engine's larger size proved its downfall as it flew off the track, landing with a mighty crash!
Thomas continued down the track around Dead Man's Curve until he found Percy sitting high up on the canyon wall. "Oh Percy!" he cried.
"Hello Thomas," said Percy. "What is the trouble?"
"Oh Percy you wouldn't believe it! There is a new engine that tried to kill me! And he wasn't on the track at all!" explained Thomas.
"Now Thomas," replied Percy, "I'm sure he was on the track, you just didn't realize it..."
"Say Percy, what track are you on, way up there?" asked Thomas.
"Oh, this is a new line they have been working on. It is a special bypass for the New Sodor Bridge." replied Percy.
"Oh alright." Said Thomas. "Well I best go find Sir Topham Hat and tell him about this new engine."

As Thomas puffed slowly away, Percy peered after him and muttered to himself, "yes, I don't think we will have to worry about this half-wit Thomas..."

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