05 January 2009

All in a day's drive...

Ok, so I have been noticeably absent from cyberland for a few days, but now I have to show a one day tip. So The kid managed to get so much Christmas loot, that we couldn't even haul it all home, so I had to go back and get it. Not one to turn down an oppurtunity, I made a few stops. Somehow I wound up in the DEAD CENTER of nowhere, and after arriving in Crawfordville, GA, I realized I had no money. Then I found out there was no ATM in town. I had to go 12 miles away to find the closest one. Word to the wise, ya know. Anyway, it was well worth it, as the next post will show. For now, above is the Taliaferro county courthouse in Crawfordville.

Couple markers on the way to Crawfordville. Also middle of nowhere.

On the Courthouse grounds

The colonial road from Charleston to Vicksburg followed the highway at this point. The route, used by Col. Langdon Welch on his expedition to the Mississippi in 1698, was thereafter followed by British traders. Through Taliaferro Co., it followed the present route, Raytown to Crawfordville to Union Point, then Ogeechee River Old Town. Wm. Bartram, celebrated traveler, crossed here in 1773 with the party, headed by Col. Barnett, which surveyed 2,000,000 acres of land ceded by the Creeks and Cherokees to the Colony of Georgia. Lafayette followed this road on his American tour in 1825.

This County, created by an act of the Legislature Dec. 24, 1825, is named for Colonel Benjamin Teliaferro, Revolutionary soldier in Lee's Legion and a member of Congress from 1799 to 1802. In this city stands Liberty Hall, now a State Shrine, beloved home in life and the last resting place of Alexander H. Stephens, affectionately known as "Little Alec" and "The Great Commoner." Born in a log cabin in this county in 1812 and graduating from the University of Georgia in 1832, Mr. Stephens began his public career by serving six consecutive terms in the Georgia legislature with distinction. He was elected to Congress in 1843 and served through 1859. He voted against secession in the Georgia Convention of 1861 but accepted his State's decision and was a delegate to the Montgomery convention at which the Confederacy was born. Elected Vice President of the Confederacy he served throughout the war, opposing many of the policies of President Jefferson Davis. Mr. Stephens was elected to the United States Senate in 1866 but a seat was refused him. He was again elected to Congress in 1873 and served until 1882, when he was elected Governor of Georgia dying in office on March 4, 1883. Among Taliaferro County's first officers were: Sheriff Asa C. Alexander, Superior Court Clerk Marcus Andrew, Inferior Court Clerk Henry Perkins, Coroner Solomon Harper and Surveyor Henry Stewart.

Dedicated to those of Taliaferro County, GA.
Who offered their lives in Humanity's defense
in the War of the Nations
and in memory of those who gave
their full measure of devotion.
A tribute from the Crawfordville Woman's Club

Confederate monument

In sacred memory of the men of Taliaferro County who mad the supreme sacrifice
World War I
Roy Dozier
World War II
L.A. Cason
Henry C. Simons
Roger W. Gunn
Charles Roberts
On fames eternal camping ground, their silent tents are spread and glory guards with solemn round the bivouac of the dead.
"They died that we might live"

Ok, so here is Union Point, where I had to drive to find an ATM

This monument read "Commemorating the site of the First Regimental reunion of Confederate Veterans. Survivors of the 3rd Georgia Regiment met at the Union Point Fairgrounds July 30-31, 1874."

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