27 January 2009

The locals

So this is the cemetery near the Dungeness mansion ruins.

This is the cemetery's most famous (former) resident, General Henry "Lighthorse Harry" Lee. General Lee fought in the Revolution, distuinguishing himself at Camden, Guilford Couthouse, and Eutaw Springs. He is also known as the father of Henry Lee IV, who wrote speeches for John C. Calhoun and Andrew Jackson, and as the father of the much more famous Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Robert Lee visited the grave her in 1829 and 1870, acommpanied the latter time by Phineas Miller Nightingale. As for "Lighthorse Harry", he was in the area when he fell ill and sought out General Greene's daughter Louisa at Dungeness. He passed away there on March 25, 1818. Several Navy gunboats were nearby and lowered their flags to half mast at news of his passing. At the funeral, Commodore Henly gave the final respects, and his pallbearers were Captains Elton, Finch, and Madison, Lieutenants Fitzhugh and Richie, and Mr. Lyman of the Army. Marines from the USS John Adams and Brig Aranac formed the guard.
On May 28, 1913, General Henry Lee's body was removed from its place here on Cumberland and transported to the Washington and Lee University Chapel in Virginia, to rest beside his famous son Robert.
"In memory of Catharine Miller (widow of the late Major General Nathaniel Greene Commander in Chief of the American Revolutionary army in the Southern department in 1783) who died Sept 2nd, 1814 aged 59 years. She possessed great talents and exalted virtues."
Here are Louisa Greene Shaw, youngest daughter of Nathanael and Caty, and eventual owner of the original Dungeness Plantation.
"Sacred to pure [unknown], This simple stone covers the remains of James Shaw. [unknown] are not to be learned from perishable marble, but when the [unknown] of Heaven shall be unfolded, it is believed they will be found written there in characters as durable as the volume of eternity. Died January 6, 1820. Aged 55 years."

"Relict of James Shaw and youngest daughter of Major General Nathaniel Greene of the Army of the Revolution, died at Dungeness Georgia, April 24th, 1831, aged 45 years"

Marker commemorating Thomas Carnegie, who began the second Dungeness mansion here, but is not actually buried here.
Charles Jackson, who was a family friend of the Greene's, and died at Dungeness.
"In memory of Charles Jackson Esg. Who was born at Newton, Massechusetts on the 23rd of April, 1767. He was educated at Harvard College and was a Commisioned Officer in the American Revolutionary War, and for several years a Counsellor at Law. Who died on the 25th of Oct 1801 at the mansion of Phineas Miller Esg. Cumberland Island"
This person is difficult to find info on, but based on names and dates, I believe that the Dungeness property passed to a Phineas Miller Nightingale, and this is his daughter.
"Martha Greene Nightingale, Daughter of P.M. and M.K. Nightingale, Born on 13th December 1841, died 16th March 1844"
"In memory of Catherine Rikart born in Mulhouse, Alsace, France, July 26, 1831. Died In Dungeness May 12, 1911. Erected by the family of Thomas M. Carnegie in affectionate memory of faithful and loyal service during many years."
View from the cemetery

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As you know I am distantly related to these folks. Turns out I have them buried in the wrong doggone place (at a Church there, not their property)! Thanks so much. Now I can correct my database. :o)) ♥ ∞