22 January 2009


Ok, so when first disembarking onto Cumberland Island, you run into the Ice House Museum, seen here. The ice house was, oddly enough, where the Carnegie family made ice during their time here. The plant made 200 pound blocks of ice that were hauled by horse arounf the island. But more about the Carnegies tommorow. For now, come inside with me...
Archeologists have done excavations under the icehouse of a tabby structure that was previously here. Part of it is seen in this small window in the ice house floor.
Ice pick found in the ice house
Reproduction of the hats that were worn by Oglethorpe's soldiers during the War of Jenkin's Ear.
Spanish helmet, probably found nearby.
Some artifacts from the Sea Island Cotton industry.
Dishes from the Carnegie's Dungeness mansion.

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That was a fun visit. Thanks for sharing! ♥ ∞