10 January 2009

Windows to the past

Ok, so this is one of the books recommended by the National Park Service for more information on the ruins of Arizona. It is certainly a good recommendation. It begins with an overview of early Native American ancestry, then breaks down into individual chapters about each of the prehistoric tribes. It also traces the roots of modern tribes to see how they relate to the ancient tribes and ruins. Through each chapter it highlights how archaeologists have pieced together a timeline of when tribes moved and when structures were built. By comparing various features found in and around the major and minor sites through the state, they can see how droughts, wars, and other factors affected where the ancients lived. Very easy to read and follow, with a very informative text, it is an excellent choice for someone looking into Arizona history or ancient American history. It can be purchased on Amazon here.
The Archaeology of Ancient Arizona
Jefferson Reid and Stephanie Whittlesey
1997 University of Arizona Press
276 pages plus glossary

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