28 January 2009

Are we done yet?

Ok, so we've covered the major spots on the island that we saw, here is all the "inbetween" stuff. Think of this as the nature part of the journery. Oh come on, humor me already! These first few pictures are on the way from the dock to the Dungeness mansion.

The entrance to Dungeness
Wild horses grazing on the grounds near the ruins.

Walking out towards the beach

This was the most bizarre occurence, I wish it was easier to see. In a few spots the sand seems to have solidified, then been carved by the wind, making miniature canyons and formations. Very cool.
Dead trees near the beach
Here we are "not" feeding the seagulls. Actually it was pretty amusing to be swarmed by these guys.
Ok this one is really hard to see, but if you see the lines across the beach here, that's actually blowing sand. It made very interesting wave shapes as it blew across.
Wild turkeys we happened upon. I was actually shocked at how big these things were!

Armadillo. We saw a couple of these, but they proved rather difficult to photograph since they constantly forage under the leaves. What the heck do Armadillos eat, anyway?
And finally we return to St Marys with just enough daylight to capture these pelicans.

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Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Thanks for the tour. ♥ ∞