18 January 2009

What's new?

There's a new marker at Point Peter in St Marys! Check it out!
In 1795 a cannon battery constructed on the Point Peter peninsula became the southernmost fortification in the First System of U.S. coastal defenses. Vacated in 1802, it was reoccupied and strengthened in 1808 to provide support for the enforcement of the Embargo Act and the prohibition of the international slave trade. In 1812, former Georgia governor George Matthews led the unsanctioned "Patriot" invasion of Spanish Florida from Point Peter. On January 13, 1815, during the War of 1812, a British force overwhelmed 116 U.S. regulars here, destroying the fort and barracks. After the U.S. acquired Florida in 1819, the post was abandoned.

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Sparky ♥ ∞ said...

Wow, I never knew that! Steve and I try to always stop and read these roadside markers. You never know what little piece of history can be learned from them. Very interesting! Thanks for sharing.
♥ ∞