16 August 2008

Funnel vision

Ok, this is Folkston, GA, about twenty miles west of Kingsland. It is the county seat for Charlton county, and was founded August 19, 1911, named after Dr. William Folks, a local physician. For a number of years, the city of Folkston was the self-proclaimed "Marriage Capital of the world". The city embraced this nickname because Floridians who could not endure their state's waiting period before tying the knot would cross the state line to wed.

Folkston is best known for its trainwatching at the "Folkston Funnel", where almost all rail traffic going in or out of Florida passes. The platform built by the town features lights, ceiling fans, and a scanner to listen in to radio traffic between trains. Adjacent to the platform are picnic tables, a grill, and a new restroom facility for our guests. Seen here used to be the train station, but now serves as a visitor center.

Speaking of trains....
Just another sleepy little southern town. Note the store named Chesser's. We have seen that name before and we will see it again soon.

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