27 August 2008

Don't go chasing waterfalls

Ok, so after leaving the Old Stone Church, we turned to a list we got of local waterfalls. Intrigued by the possibility, we set off. By the end, emotions ran as seen above.
Our first contestant was this guy, Chau Ram falls, in a county park by the same name. Remeber that whole thing about low water levels? Yeah.....
So.... for the next waterall we wound up turning onto a very backwoods, very boonies, very.... just.... not where we wanted to be road. We're almost surprised the car didn't break.
So here's the dilema. The yellow line is 76, the main highway we were on, going northwest. The directions said turn right on Cobb Bridge Road, the blue line. We did this, after 2 miles we were supposed to find a dirt road on the left called Spy Rock (I'm not making this up.) When we didn't find it, we decided to go another couple miles to see if the milage was off. After 5 miles, we found the road, on the RIGHT side. I'm not sure what posessed us to continue at this point, but we did, and turned right onto Spy Rock road. Now we assumed that the directions and the milages were completly off, but they said to look for another dirt road that didn't even have a name, just a number, it was something like 708C. We drove down this dirt road from Hell for around an hour, stopping every mile or so for another dirt road. They weren't labeled well and usually required stopping the car to check the sign. 708B, 708H, 708T, 708M....... Do I need to mention we never found 708C? Now the confusing part. We finally came out onto a paved road. Highway 76... again.... See the green arrow above? explain how we wound up there??? After turning right, then right again, and never crossing any of the roads!!!!
SRSLY.... Never again

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Coty said...

He's not kidding when he says ROAD.FROM.HELL. Never, ever, again. Never. Just never. Do you sense my frustration with the backroads of South Carolina? Do you? Really? I don't think you do. ROAD.FROM.HELL.

PS-Thank you dear for remembering to block out my tag. xoxoxo Miss you. ;) Me. Home. Soon. You. Bed. Sex!