25 August 2008

Hello mother, hello father....

Ok, so getting back into things, this last weekend we celebrated our anniversary by dropping the kid off with her parents and going camping! So that's where I've been the last few days and before showing the cool stuff we saw, I felt like relating some of our funny stories to you. Ok, maybe they're only funny to us, but I'm sharing the camping experience with you anyway, so enjoy!
So the first night was the great "weenie roll". We brought hot dogs (actually some fancy Johnsonville Braught thing that she found) but didn't bring a hot dog poker. So after attempting to roast one on a stick from a tree, we decided to use the grill on the firepit. Problem: how to remove them? So we used said tree stick to roll them along the grill for an even burn, and then to the edge where they could be picked up using hot dog buns, resulting in only minor burns.

I learned another important lesson that night. Not a good idea to come screaming on a bicycle down a hill onto a dirt path with lots of roots and large rocks. While no injuries resulted, apparently I put on quite a show.
Yes we're naked. What are you going to do? We're married!
Ah, sleeping under the trees in the open...
in the dark....
And then the next morning after I was rudely awakened by rain drops, rushed out to put on the rain fly, and it promptly stopped. Grrr. I hate nature.

The next evening was marshmallows. Don't look so happy.
Playing "Chubby Playboy Bunny"

Then we decided to try to "roll" a marshmallow.

A Budd camping tradition: Cheap wine, paper cups...
and UNO!!!
I keep trying to tell people I have divine powers, but they never believe me!
The light is mooooooooving!!!
Isn't it cute?

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