18 August 2008

Die China.

Ok, so a quick break from the usual. Since it is now official, we are moving to CT, we are trying to cut down on things to move. Since my wife pointed out that "ammo weighs like lead", I used the excuse to take a couple guys out shooting. And one of them brought a video camera. So here is the video he posted, pretty amusing. I'm not sure what the intro is all about, that's just him. You'll see me though, I'm "Budd". Go figure.

Oh and by the way, we are sailors. We talk like sailors. If that bothers you, I reccomend not watching the video.


bothenook said...

sweet little range. on base?

Budd said...

No unfortunetly, we can't use the range on base. This one is out in the boonies near Okeefenokee.