09 August 2008

Our Town

Ok, so kicking off the local tour, here is our humble town of Kingsland, GA. In the 1790's, John King arrived at Cherry Point, now part of the King's Bay Sub Base. His son James made Woodlawn Plantation west of modern Kingsland in the 1850's. His son John made his home Longwood where Kingsland is now. But it was after the railroad was built that John's son William Henry mapped out the town, which was incorporated in 1908. In 1912 the Maine to Miami road, known locally as the Dixie Highway was opened. In 1927 it was moved to its present location and became US 17. Since the construction of nearby 95 caused businesses to move to the east, the old downtown area seen above lost much of its prosperity.
This year marks the centennial of the town, and the only thing I've seen are these posters on the lightposts.
Also recently these wall paintings were done, I guess to restore some town charm.

City Hall and the old visitor center
The town clock, alsoseen on one of the paintings above
Looking east at some of the abandoned businesses on the road to St Marys.
And this odd monstrosity was built recently as the new Visitor Center. It is located by the Freeway, away from the old downtown. Despite its grand look, it is not that exciting inside. The interior looks like an average hotel lobby with some info brochures. The entire upstairs portion is now the local law enforcement training center, so you can't even see that.

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