10 August 2008

Dive! Dive!

Ok, so this is the St Marys Submarine Museum, another popular, if only locally known, attraction. It is in a small building on the old waterfront, and inside resembles something of an old attic. Fascinating artifacts are randomly piled everywhere, seeming to pour from the walls themselves.
Anyone home?
Some artifacts from WW2 subs, particularly Germany and Australia

Going down.....
An assortment of old control panels from decommed subs
A melted mess of electronic components from the USS Bonefish, which suffered a massive battery fire on April 24 1988 off the coast of Florida. Temperatures reached as high as 1,200 degrees, forcing the ship to surface and evacutate the crew. After being towed to Charleston, SC, it was deemed beyond repair and was decommisioned.
Artifacts from Soviet subs
Submariner pins from Nazi Germany

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