15 May 2007

Andersonville Village

Ok, so my next big stop was Andersonville, but before going to the prison camp, I stopped in at the village that the camp was named for. The village has been preserved as it would have been during the Civil War, though it consists of little more than a couple houses, a general store, and a couple museums. The museums, however, are th saving grace as they are excellent and contain many valuable Civil War artifacts such as this battle flag that belonged to the 3rd Maryland infantry.

Bullets and shrapnel from the Atlanta area.
Pieces of the original Atlantic cable that allowed communication across the Atlantic between England and Canada. (Supposedly this case alone is worth $16,000!!!!)
Artillery books, fuses, fuse cutters
Playing cards and coins
Bugle, field glasses and silverware

The museums collection of uniforms

Medical supplies

Monument in the center of town to Captain Henry Wirz, who ran the prison camp. Many accused him of intentional mistreatment of prisoners, while other say there is little he could have done.

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