20 May 2007

Jimmy Carter

Ok, after leaving Andersonville, I arrived just in time in Plains, Georgia, hometown of President Jimmy Carter. The National Historic Site is headquartered in the former Plains High school, where Carter had attended. I arrived with just enough time to go through the museum in the school before it closed for the day. Left is the famous "smiling peanut", one of those strange roadside things that no one really knows why it is famous.
Plains High school, no longer a working school, now a visitor center for Jimmy Carter NHS.
Classroom in the former Plains High school, set up to look the way it would have when Carter attended.
The podium Carter used during his Presidential campaign.
Artifacts from Carter's political life, mostly his Presidential campaign.
A gift given to former President Carter by Yaser Arafat.
Carter's hammer used in Habitat for Humanity projects.

Plains, GA
Plains, GA train station, Carter's Presidential campaign headquarters.
Plains monument to Carter
Pictures of Carter's boyhood farm. Normally open to the public, I arrived after they had closed for the day. This house above was actually the home of the Carters’ farm superintendent Jack Clark and his wife Rachel Clark who was Jimmy Carter’s caregiver growing up.

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