15 May 2007

POW Museum

Ok, the Andersonville site is also home to the National POW (prisoner of war) museum, which honors all American POWs in all wars. This hand drawn flag on cloth was made by an American prisoner in a Japanese camp during WW2.
Various ID tags for prisoners from WW2 and Vietnam.

This leaflet was given to American soldiers, and said in several languages that they are an American soldier and instructions for any force friend or foe that found them.
This garment was typical of those found at the Andersonville prison camp. An original post from the Andersonville Camp
Handmade crystal radio sets, made by prisoners in Germany and Japan in WW2, despite being highly forbidden.

Original pieces of the Andersonville prison camp including a door crossbeam and gate key.
The B17 on this jacket was hand embroidered by an American while a prisoner.
This ship, made mostly of bone, was constructed entirely while in prison.

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