25 May 2007

Bainbridge, Georgia

Ok, so in the morning I headed east to the city of Bainbridge. It was once an important trading stop because of its location on the Flint river, part of the Apalachicola and Chattahoochee river system, that was vital for the southern Georgia economy. The rivers flowed through Florida's pan handle into the Gulf of Mexico and were vital enough that activities nearby sparked the first Seminole War .The city was an intriguing place, with several historic markers, and a vital starting point for seeing early sites of the first Seminole war (next post.) Above is one of a half dozen canon around Willis park downtown. Below is one of the city's war memorials.

Memorial to Revolutionary soldiers.

Confederate memorial

The other war memorial
Bell from the steamboat John W. Callahan

Memorial to Samuel Marvin Griffin, former govenor of Georgia
Decatur county court house

Flint river flowing to Lake Seminole
This park on the west side of town had this train and some pieces of engineering equipment, but no information was given. Also a wooden walkway went through a fenced area with goats, emus, and one donkey. These could be drawn by thowing food, such as hamburger buns (below).

Flint river again

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