19 February 2009

Florida Capital outside

I have a problem.

I have too many photos and I can't decide which ones I like best!

This is the Florida State Capital, from the outside!

Entrance to the Capital

State House of Representatives

State Senate

Law Enforcement memorial

Cornerstone of the new capital building

The historic capital, originally built in 1845, just in time for Florida's statehood. More info when I post the inside photos.

The new capital was built in the 1970's, with the House and Senate in wings wrapping around the old capital.

Why any state needs a capital building this monstrous is beyond me.

Sculpture outside the capital, entitled Stormsong.
Florida Supreme Court, with Stormsong in the foreground.

Veterans memorial
Memorial for Captain John Parkhill, of the Leon Volunteers.
Old and new capitals
Both capitals with the Leon County Confederate memorial.

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Linda said...

Nifty pictures. I personally like the one with the dolphins.