15 February 2009

More graves

Ok, so I set out with some more time to kill the other day, and got a strange hit and miss day. My first effort was to go out to Dover Bluff in northern Camden County to find the ruins of the old Spanish Mission. Well, after exploring for a while where the map said it was, I came to the conclusion that it must be on the property of the exclusive Dover Bluff Club. Nuts. Have I mentioned my pet peeve yet about historic sites on private property? So on the way back I stopped at the Ella Park cemetery and added it to FindaGrave.
Names here are Anderson, Browning, Clark, Copeland, Dowling, Dukes, Nelson, Poindexter, Wasson, Whitehead, and Wilson.

Next I went west to find the site of the old Camden County Seat at Jeffersonton. I wandered around where it was supposed to be but... the town is completely gone! There is nothing left to even show that it existed! Also I've never seen so many people concerned about trespassing. Every other tree on every road around there had a no trespassing or keep out sign. Geez, what's so great about that area? Anyway, on the way out I found the Tompkins cemetery and decided to add it as well. If anyone is reading this who is near this cemetery, it could really use a caretaker! Many of the graves are worn, or buried, or just plain neglected. Several of them I had to dig out the stone to find any inscription, and there are also several unmarked graves. If anyone has information on these, I would greatly appreciate it. Names here are Banks, Black, Blake, Brown, Butler, Cerold, Corley, Crum, Dessaw, Dunham, Edward, Green, Harris, Hill, Hunley, Ingram, James, Johnson, Kight, Lawrence, Lockley, Lollar, Mainor, Maynor, McCain, McKinnon, Merrow, Painter, Pasely, Perry, Powell, Reed, Tillman, Toney, and Wilkerson.

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