12 February 2009

One day, five cemeteries

So the other day I had a few hours to kill and decided to go cemetery hopping. First up was back to Oak Grove, this time to find the Hudson/Pottle family for one of my FindaGrave friends. This one was very easy to find because they are old enough to be on the cemetery directory, and they are right next to the gazebo. Pictured here is the family plot with Harriet Pottle Hudson, Sarah Pottle, Joseph Pottle and Mary Chrichton.

Here is the First Presbyterian Church cemetery in St Marys. It only has these three people in it: John Wood, Laleah Wood, and Jane Wood Pratt.

This is Miller Cemetery, out near Point Peter. I had found it once before by accident, and decided now to come add it to Findagrave. Buried here are: Pharabea Bryson, Elizabeth Miller DuBose, John DuBose, Mary DuBose, Harriet Eubert, Absalom Jackson, Francis Jackson, Mary Miller, Thomas Miller, Josephine Lovell Rival, and Max Rival.
This is a good example of my favorite kind of cemetery. Small, family oriented, not known outside of those near it.
Next up is Carlton Cemetery in Kingsland. Bigger, but still small enough for me to add all the names to FindaGrave. These surnames are here: Balkom, Branecky, Carleton, Colson, Cooner, Davis, Dunaway, Fennell, Gillette, Green, Haddock, Hoffman, Horne, Nichols, Rigdon, Seals, Sweatt, Teston, Williams, and Windgate. Know anybody?
Finally, here is Sheffield Cemetery, on the former Sheffield Plantation near our house. Buried here are Ammons, Blount, Cook, Cooner, Crow, Harris, McGuire, Miley, Pickering, Pounds, Sheffield, Stafford, Stover, and Westbrook.
I also recently went to Green Pine Cemetery in Yulee, Florida, and added many names. I did not get all of them, though. And I'm not going to list them all here. Too many.

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