07 February 2009

To the sea!

So in the good tradition of touring books, here is another excellent example. To The Sea is one of several books written by Jim Miles specifically for the Civil War. This book covers the march of Sherman's army from Atlanta to Savannah through Georgia. The unique feature of this series is how it's set up. The books have two sections, a history and a touring section. The history section is a highly detailed but easy to follow description of the people, places, and events involved in the campaign. Then after ensuring the rader has a thorough understanding of the campaign, the author gives a detailed auto tour along the major campaign routes, with side tours through cities and parks. The tours covers battle sites, historic homes and other buildings that were involved, monuments, and other interesting sites. The author also pays special attention to describing differences in the locations between 1864 and today. This series is a must have for any Civil War buff, or for any history chaser living in or near a major Civil War campaign. To The Sea can be found on Amazon here, and many of the others in the series can be found here.
To The Sea
Jim Miles
336 pages
2000 Cumberland House Publishing

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